Roach Giants Feat. Shystie​-​B

from by Vertakill

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(VERSE 1: Vertakill)

I'm a king but no tyrant, a roach giant
Used to toke the spliff but wouldn't pass it like Kobe Bryant
Roast the mic appliance, you stay totally silent
The most defiant, I'm outspoken and vocally violent
You're liars relying on other's encouragement
I'll still be spitting when religions choked by science, provoke the titans
Got thoughts in my head, need pads to write them
Stashing my lines like a speed lab from sirens
You aint worthy of being my disciple my flows so raw
Beg for days at my dojo's door and still get ignored
Vert's nice, my birthrights, to burn mics
Write rhymes at night that bring the house down like termites
Damn right I stand strong
This hiphop shit aint just rhyming it's also hands on
I run ya down with a train, if you try and fuck with me
Dying via live wire third rail is a luxury

(VERSE 2: Shystiey-B)

Muthafuckers think they all that

(BRIDGE: Vertakill)X2

It goes one for the money and two for the show bro
Go home you've got no hope trying to showboat
Vertakilla in the house
Shystie-B in the house

It goes three for the weed and four for the alky
With the mics turned on shit's about to get rowdy
Skitzo in the house
Roach Scholars in the house


from Brain Surgery, released October 27, 2014




Vertakill Adelaide, Australia

South Australian MC/Rapper/Pimp with no hoes. Been rhyming and recording since 2000. Likes making hiphop that no one likes or wants to listen too. Hates when money gets involved with music because it destroys the art...that and he doesn't have any money, even though he desperately needs some and is willing to destroy all art to get it(famous paintings included). Winner of the kumite tournament. ... more

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