Brain Surgery

by Vertakill

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The debut solo album from South Australian Hiphop artist Vertakill. With Skilogram on the beats this is a Roach Scholars event. Join Vertakill on a bi polar journey into the shadowy depths of his brain as he rhymes about the dark and depressing and the light and the happy. Well even the light and happy stuff is pretty depressing really. Whats wrong bro? You need a shoulder to cry on? a hug maybe? Pull yourself together man.



released October 27, 2014

All songs written and performed by Vertakill (except "Roach giants" written and performed By Vertakill and Shystie B)
All beats produced by Skilogram for Skitzofrenic Productions
Album Executive produced by Skilogram, Shystie B and Vertakill
All songs recorded by Aidan Barton at Sovereign Studios
All songs mixed and mastered by Dazastah aka Charliechimp
Original art by Juan Romera (
Design by Kris Hodgins (




Vertakill Adelaide, Australia

South Australian MC/Rapper/Pimp with no hoes. Been rhyming and recording since 2000. Likes making hiphop that no one likes or wants to listen too. Hates when money gets involved with music because it destroys the art...that and he doesn't have any money, even though he desperately needs some and is willing to destroy all art to get it(famous paintings included). Winner of the kumite tournament. ... more

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Track Name: Introvert
Vert's an earth inhabitant, mammal protagonist
Mainly maggoted manage to anger antagonists
Actively banish enemies, vanishing memories
Guaranteed no industry will ever witness the end of me
Anthropomorphic, thoughts hit in portions
Words can illustrate but Vertakill's the Author
A smorgasboard of the rawest works
Are the verses fresh? Does war torture hurt?
My rhyme journal, journeys place to place
Leaving a trace of capers from state to state
I write the rhymes a mate creates from vinyl crates
and laces breaks to my final take
Time and space, rules the human race
Everyday we seem to make a new mistake
Trade places with imagination
and use ink to save the fates of erasers
Track Name: Certain Enemies
Certain enemies, who don't know me personally
Don't have the courtesy, to say that they're cursing me
Well that's A-Okay with me
You can stay hiding behind ya scene like where the curtains be
My hands are clean of bitching and dirty deeds
Choose who I work with like a freelancer mercenary
Your words are poison you try spread them purposely
Have you spitting out a whole mouthful of mercury
Through hard tasks I prove myself like Hercules
With my bare hands perform open heart surgery
Unknown assassin, it's good you haven't heard of me
Vertakill's verses will burn you like it's third degree
I'm red hot, you'll need the red cross
To stitch ya neck up from where I cut ya head off
Vert'll be the one to blow your mind like Kurt Cobain
Visionary vividly thinking deep until it hurts ya brain


Got no record deal or sex appeal or pecs of steel
Just ya girl's breasts to feel
I'm a king at this rhyme shit it's best ya kneel
Vertakill flex the skill keep it extra ill
Technical as extra terrestrials
Seeking celestial peace is a quest that's real
Yet you feel its sensible to question still
My motives are mostly correctional
A drone is alone when obsession calls
Controlled by lust for money and the sexual
Medical professional I'd inject the real
Yet I'm busy chasing these birds like Sylvester still
Ya drugged in the mental forget ya pill
Surrender ya senses suppress ya will
I guess I feel, I'm trying to find direction still
As I disrespect the fake and impress the real

Track Name: Working Class Slave
You're a slave to religion, slave to the stores
Slave to the cash that be paying for these wars
You're a slave to the fashions
Slave to the bank account that you put ya cash in, a slave to you're rations
Put savings away for a day of relaxing
Slaving away just paying ya taxes
Saving for days for new air maxes
Slave to your favourite show that's overdue an axing
You're a slave to the ladies, making ya crazy
They're staying away yet invading ya day dreams
So amazing that she makes you feel lesser
Doing everything that you can to impress her
Keen to undress her, feel and caress her
Holding her tight like professional wrestler
Spend all night trying to get her to accept ya
Slave to her now wish that you had never met her


You're a slave to ya feelings, slave to emotions
Enslavement mistaken for pain and devotion
Brain overflows like rain in the ocean
Slave to the medicines, taking ya dosage
Slave to the post office, paying ya postage
Slave to the alky, make it ya potion
Slave to ya phone, won't leave you alone
Should leave it at home, at peace when ya roam
Then it rings and ya groan, back in the zone
Share the same space as the slaves and the drones
Slave to the weed when I'm blazing a cone
Slave to the ways that ya shown
Slave to this world that ya know till you make it your own
Tell the queen Bees to all leave me alone
Track Name: Unmarried with no children
Unmarried with no children, what a dope feeling
Trying to spread the love a little like I'm dope dealing
No feelings, show stealing
Taking large amounts of damage to my liver like Logan with no healing
Many seem to doubt, They should shut their mouths
Saying get up off the couch! what the fuck you talking bout?
I'm smoked out with the ill movie collection
I've got crew in the house and the doobie's in session
I aint wasting time, every spare space in my mind's
Dedicated to writing rhymes
So while you rhymers whine I'm thinking wise
Chicks flip me off when they look into my winking eye
Catch a glimpse of this pimping guy, pimping what?
Pimping out the whole dictionary coz I think a lot
Work a shit job, where I think of drinks and dosh
Two track mind but a hundred tracks is what I've got
Goals! I aint got a lot. Cash! I aint got a lot.
Skills got plenty from practice in the parking lot
Train in this art till my tongue and brain start to rot
Explain to the smart why I'm stuck in this nasty spot

Unmarried with no children
And I do what I want, and I smoke what I want
And I drink what I want, and I think what I want
And I sleep when I want, and I sleaze when I want, Spend what I want
Bet what I want, get what I want, watch sports when I want
Xbox when I want
No picnics for Vertakill,
All this and more because Vert is still

Unmarried with no children
No wife I'm allergic to nagging
Wearing rags and I aint sharing this bag with
No one except hojo and Skitzalecta
Roach finger mixed the beats and Chromek spins the records
I don't scratch or chop, WHY NOT?
Coz I spit through the popper stopper and make this mic hot
That's my one true love, if I did tie the knot
I'd go overseas to look
Coz most aussie girls don't know how to cook
Or how to stay quiet while I'm reading comic books
I can cook my own shitty meals
Good looks fade one day you'll lose all that sex appeal
And talking bout shallow shit will lose its novelty
Why split money when I'm already doomed to live in poverty
I write every night right, this is my life
Rhyme nice then retire with my Thai wife


No disrespect to those with domestic fulfillment
But fuck that and fuck you
I can barely take care of myself
A child would cramp my style while I'm ruining my health
My mates say I don't know what it's like
I'm respectful destroy one life at a time
Commitments a sentence married life's a crime
I'd rather walk around with a knife in my spine
The same girl that'll make your head twirl
Is the same girl, that'll shit on your world
The same women who wanna date ya
It's the same similar women that's saying see ya later

Track Name: Passed Drunk

I'm ten beers passed drunk - No concentration
Ten years of hard drugs - In moderation
Keep taking it I need medication
Till I'm sitting here dead still like deep meditation

I'm at a party at a bar where the booze is free
A mates with a new girl he introduces me
I tell him she's real pretty, good luck sir
Strangely enough he asks me if I wanna fuck her
Just for a laugh, I call his bluff
Turn to her and say he does owe me forty bucks
she says "That's it" you must be deranged
I say your worth twenty but I'll let him keep the change
I'm just teasing you need to calm down
You need to find ya boyfriend to put ya arm round
I back off then it's back to the bar again
Checking out this chick that's wearing a cardigan
Before I can buy a drink in a tall glass for her
She says no to me without me even asking her
Good thing I haven't yet made a pass at her
Must not think that I'm in the same class as her
And it's true, I'm a university drop out
Her beauty versus me it's a knockout
Watch how, a discussion starts
How I'm disgusting at a bar like chopper with his cock out
Come on now, you don't even know me
Come over to mine sometime when ya lonely
What? I'm too ugly, don't make me mad
I'm an 8 out of 10 it's just the lights at this place are bad



I turn the mic on, blow up like a pipe bomb
Biters try and bite but lacking venom like a python
I achieve anything that I set my sights on
Midnight marauder won't stop until the nights gone
I snatch a mic from an icon
Eye on the prize this time it's a nice blonde
With eyes like diamonds, I really like her style
I wanna get a smile and a phone number to dial
She asks for me to step outside for a cigarette
I answer yes even though my answer is ridiculous
I don't even smoke,
So I'm stand there hands in my pockets looking like a dope
Don't really have much of a hope
Still see what happens when I start cracking a couple of jokes
My eyes wonder for a sec to her luscious breasts
Heart stopped for a moment, had to punch my chest
My witty banter has her giggling after
I tell her she's pretty and smells like a pina colada
I go to steal a kiss to quicken the pace
In a minute she's licking my face and loving the taste


Track Name: Beat Down

I'm out at a pub and my mates are being sleazy
Not me I'm too stoned, I'm even feeling queezy
They're chatting up a chick trying to get her wet
She asks me for a light to light up her cigarette
I pass it politely, what happens next
Her boyfriend runs up all angry and upset
I'm sitting here, sipping beer, comfy in my seat
Punched me in the fucken face and broke my teeth
I'm grabbed by my shirt and dragged out by the bouncer
Nose broken squirting blood like a fountain
I was just jumped at a pub in summer
My teeth are like Jim Carey's in Dumb and Dumber
Bumped into the same punk a bit later
Couldn't wait for karma we had to hit faces
Hate to give a beating but I had to make things even
I only seek revenge when attacked for no reason


My boy SD got a job at a bar
So drinks are on the house, I feel like a star
Or celebrity drinking the finest drinks
In reality it's not as pretty as I think
Last shot I'm leaving, cop a couple of payouts
Fall down a whole flight of stairs on the way out
Pick myself up but my head keeps spinning
Stumble down rundle street, Families eating dinner
I walk to my house get socked in the mouth
I can't remember who or how but someone knocked me out
Getting to drunk, can take it's toll
I bet I got rolled by a twelve year old


Drunk and alone, walking home
I snort and groan, it's a long course to roam
It's new years eve and I've had a shitty night
I see a friend in a tussle, he must've picked a fight
Two guys are stomping him, I push them off
They turn on me instead, I must've pissed them off
It's two on one and I aint Bruce Lee (that's Sir Bruce Lee to you)
And being punched in the face aint like in the movies
fell to the foor path went down like a soldier
Kicked me on the ground and dislocated my shoulder
It's an injury I hold forever now I'm older
I feel the aches and pains better when the weather's coldest

Track Name: Poison Bags

I watch my life spin out of control like Sonic the hedgehog
Spend my spare time daring to dodge all the death gods
Get exposed to me now get effect later like asbestos
Every track I make is a classic so fuck releasing a best of
This is my mic, it's your turn when the beat stops
I'm high on these weed branches like I lurk on the treetops
Vert'll detox once I'm down with the green chop
Press the volume button and pump it up like a reebok
I explode like dynamite, only when the time is right
Eyes wide open like a bikie trying to find a fight
I'm fliy by night, yet strange within reason
I go from hot to freezing without changing a season
Seems like my heart aint beating at all
Concentrate like a swordsman slicing a leaf as it falls
I don't use my crew but I keem them on call
So get beat in a brawl if you're beefing at all


Burst into flames the human torch is what I am
Verts the name turn ya brains into cottees jam
assassinate rapping fakes, quick dollar scams
Bland polished bands who just seem to follow and
You aint real its as clear as the hollow man
You aint even there like the shadow of a hologram
I shit on padawans who don't got a plan
No worries man, turn ya show into a roach scholars jam
Host the potent prose, nuts like the postman goes
Choking foes, so they know they're not fucking supposed to flow
I'm drinking alcohol, till I'm broke at shows
The man that can breathe easy even with a broken nose
A revolutionary reaching stoner lows
resin and red wine on my shirt and I'm not gonna soak the clothes
I smoked the O's you know this bro
My life flashed before my eyes but I was too stoned to notice though

Track Name: Dark Thoughts

Wake up, Dark thoughts, Can't sleep with the mask off
Strap myself in then blast off
Can't stop me I'm bent on a rampage
One shot to the head suspends all this damn rage
And then it's time to pop the champagne
To celebrate the end of a renegades campaign
My head and neck connect via band aid
Crook for hire at a bush fire to fan flames
Glass of vodka to help swallow the painkillers
Organs fail more I inhale the paint thinner
Saint or sinner, either way I aint a winner
Mainly mingle with minions who can't pay for dinner
This is a, really good idea
On a roof top drunk trying to conquer all my fears
I'm scared of flying but I'm getting used to falling
Break my legs on impact get used to crawling
Life's short, like my attention span
Life support pull the plug before the devil can
Drugs by the kilogram, can't stop my chosen plan
Trying to shadowbox when I've severed off both my hands


Dark thoughts - Outweigh the positive
Can't see - The light even when its obvious
Hopefully, I'll be sane again at sunrise
But right now I'm moping, hoping that the sun dies


I dig my way out of a ditch at the pet cemetery
Wasn't keen to sleep to the next century
Spent a week alone, in the dead zone
Beat a preacher to death with his own tombstone
Then it's back on the prowl while the werewolves howl
Proudly growl when I pole the eyes out of an owl
Helps me to see, carrots are a myth
Psychiatrists say, this character is sick
Bleeding gums and tongue sharp as a razor
You know ya done like obi wan against Vader
I knock ya ass off the radar
Leave a skeleton like a lost ark raider
Laugh at a taser, take a bath with a toaster
I've got a lot of pain to make the most of
Headphones on to help drown the commotion
Swim with cement fins deep in the ocean

Track Name: Expect Disrespect
Earning my trust is a must do
Folk who don't know me from a bar of soap saying "Fuck you"
I've had a gut full, I'm not forgetful
I expect you to be disrespectful
If chain stores aren't supporting us
Then I kick in the door like notorious
Won't stop till victorious, glorious
Police informants release reports on us
Coz we deal the dope cuts thats sure to crush
Any MC or squad not as raw as us
I be bringing it fresh when I'm forty plus
And my crew gets loose like whores and sluts
Same honeys who hate us wanna see more of us
With no money we're making that music for all to suss
But you snore on us, what the fuck is up
I'm like delts said I stay stuck in a rut


Bad language, I'm that bandit
I'm not fly I'm more like crash landed
I want freedom when fat cats banned it
I'm in the city with no cash stranded
You're in a taxi, we're at the back of the bus
Thinking about things that be cracking me up
Like rappers that's backed up by a small army
Yet write pop songs like sir Paul Mccartney
Pretty girls are spoilt brats on bacardi
Walk around like they're the life of the party
You a princess hardly
Have you doing house work like Miyagi teaches Karate
If your a hotty there's no need to be nasty
Soon ya fat ass be, doing pilates
And popping the ball, I'm watching ya fall
Same dudes that ya snobbed are not gonna call

Track Name: Dark Side Poetry

What it look like, If you dare to cross the dark side
Three headed dogs and hydra make up the park life
I'm not a far cry, from being a bar fly
Mask my madness with half truths and half lies
Don't ask why I can't die
Silver bullet trigger pull it back alive like a vampire
I stay as loose as my pant size
Pint sized rappers get slammed with my hands tied
Behind my back, I'm the type of cat that can't relax
Back at home, Baseball bat if I must react
Ya rushed attack is barely enough to scratch
I cut you back, twice as bad with a rusty axe
Grimey raps I bust to tracks just to match
Sampled wax with a bucket of dust attached
I teach the youth to be courageous enough to act
I speak the truth while ya government adjusts the facts


Headless horseman better nod his head to this
Big foot muthafucker stomp ya feet to this
I break silence and sing it for you
I escaped the asylum to bring it to you


My blood runs Ice cold like a Popsicle
Should be locked up for life inside a mental hospital
The head nurse can't manage this
My lord the psyche ward can't afford the damages
Used to be Lucifer's lackey in hell
Its a true story I tell, I can back it as well
Burnt my face off, I'm left with a flammable smell
I'm that creep they keep next door to Hannibal's cell
Each day doctors feed me a handful of pills
Fantasize about outside where animal's dwell
Sneak up on a guards neck and snap it as well
I can step on egg shells without cracking a shell
I'm a violent, psychotic amnesiac
the lobotomy backfired and brought my memories back
Shock therapy in the morning and they're sending me back
I'm a veteran of torture I like sleeping on tacks

Track Name: Roach Giants Feat. Shystie-B
(VERSE 1: Vertakill)

I'm a king but no tyrant, a roach giant
Used to toke the spliff but wouldn't pass it like Kobe Bryant
Roast the mic appliance, you stay totally silent
The most defiant, I'm outspoken and vocally violent
You're liars relying on other's encouragement
I'll still be spitting when religions choked by science, provoke the titans
Got thoughts in my head, need pads to write them
Stashing my lines like a speed lab from sirens
You aint worthy of being my disciple my flows so raw
Beg for days at my dojo's door and still get ignored
Vert's nice, my birthrights, to burn mics
Write rhymes at night that bring the house down like termites
Damn right I stand strong
This hiphop shit aint just rhyming it's also hands on
I run ya down with a train, if you try and fuck with me
Dying via live wire third rail is a luxury

(VERSE 2: Shystiey-B)

Muthafuckers think they all that

(BRIDGE: Vertakill)X2

It goes one for the money and two for the show bro
Go home you've got no hope trying to showboat
Vertakilla in the house
Shystie-B in the house

It goes three for the weed and four for the alky
With the mics turned on shit's about to get rowdy
Skitzo in the house
Roach Scholars in the house
Track Name: Pile Of Bones
Trying to figure out what life's about before it's lights out
Feels like I've fucked up half of my life now
I've dug a grave and I can't get from out this hole
Spent most my best years with the drugs and alcohol
And you can't go back and change it
Even if i could I'd end up doing the same shit
There's not a lot of point in complaining
Mental anguish building up hard to contain it
hard to explain it, tough to express the
Moment of weakness you feel under pressure
Modern mans quest take one guess
Want to undress that girl wearing a sun dress
And stress from sunrise to sunset
Mediocre lives try to disguise the unrest
And upset coz success is measured by finances
Better refill with wine glasses
And try harder,
To impress those bimbos with the big breasts and the fine asses
But why bother
You'll see their crazy minds are a waste of time as soon as time passes


I was stuck with a headache, trying get my head straight
Then it hits me, maybe I should quit weed
Still stuck with a stoner mind state like pffft I'll do it next week
Need to switch up my technique
Stop being so messy and start drinking less beer
How did I get here
Need to fix my life up nah I'll do it next year
I fear in this rat race I must be last
I'm that lost soul that strayed from the dusty path
My memory is bad I can't trust the past
My enemies are mad I can't help but laugh
Coz they wanna bring war to a man of peace
Force me to transform into a phantom beast
I stay calm and cool I'm not a fan of heat
In the rain my brain remains on a sandy beach

At the end of the road is the egge of a cliff
At the bottom of the cliff is a pile of bones
You find your own space and ya die alone
Replaced by an even more compliant clone

Instead of meeting defeat I sneak pass discreet
Glide through the work week while I'm half asleep
You know that ya flows aint half as deep
You speak from ya heart but ya heart is weak
Talk is cheap, but mine when it's bought is steep
Where you half step I take enormous leaps
So, watch ya back and walk cautiously
Coz I might knock you off ya track course or street
To scorch a beat like this you need the force and chi
Paranoid think my own shadows stalking me
Skitzo engineered this score with ease
I get info like a ninja clan reports to me
RKV(Roach King Vert) in the place to be
With my own style like Bruce Lee and JKD(Jeet Kune Do)
Just do what ya feel its okay with me
House is packed out like cocaine is free

Track Name: Money vs. Happiness
Money can't buy happiness
But it buys things that can, so you best get a plan
Coz sex in Japan beats sex with ya hand
Buy you're stuck out of luck with less than a grand

My lady friend just bought some brand new underwear
And she's teasing me to make sure that I'm aware
Says she cares and she spoils me with what I want
To reward her I taker her to a restaurant
Talking shit back and forth steady for the night
The food is nice but it comes at a heavy price
It's time to leave she suggests with her eyes
I agree I've digested my wine
I get the cheque I'm surprised
Start scratching my head like its infested with lice
What the fuck I was having such a happy night
If I saw this coming would've lost my appetite
Heart attack hold my heart listen for a beat
About to offer to wash dishes for a week
My misses says she's paying, she insists
I'm about to flip make sure that I resist
I count my cash and I just have enough doe
It's too late she's payed with her card tho
Miss you look real good in that dress
But please don't embarrass me in front of your breasts


Going on a shopping spree, spare all expenses
And no I'm not a gangster I'm scared of the dentist
Thirst for adventure but work is relentless
Stuck in monotony, good lucks forgotten me
It feels like this whole worlds on top of me
And it won't get off of me and it's constantly costing me
Hiphop is always changing and because of this
I'm out of work like Kevin Costner is
Can't afford music, no point in arguing
Settle for the MC Hammer record in the bargain bin
Time to clothes shop, I guess I'm off to target then
Spent a mint on my CD but still not enough for marketing
What's the deal I can't win
In the city in my car can't find a spot to park it in
Low on the food chain made me a nasty man
Befriending people poorer than me just so I can laugh at them


I pay a union to stay safe and sound
But my work still fucks me around
The government sits around talking politics
It's obvious that they don't really give a shit
The opposite of my dream yo I'm living it
Giving in drinking gin till my liver quits
Keep writing rhymes recording them when I'm spitting them
For all for of you out there that's listening

My two brothers, my woman and my mate Jay