Unmarried with no children

from by Vertakill

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Unmarried with no children, what a dope feeling
Trying to spread the love a little like I'm dope dealing
No feelings, show stealing
Taking large amounts of damage to my liver like Logan with no healing
Many seem to doubt, They should shut their mouths
Saying get up off the couch! what the fuck you talking bout?
I'm smoked out with the ill movie collection
I've got crew in the house and the doobie's in session
I aint wasting time, every spare space in my mind's
Dedicated to writing rhymes
So while you rhymers whine I'm thinking wise
Chicks flip me off when they look into my winking eye
Catch a glimpse of this pimping guy, pimping what?
Pimping out the whole dictionary coz I think a lot
Work a shit job, where I think of drinks and dosh
Two track mind but a hundred tracks is what I've got
Goals! I aint got a lot. Cash! I aint got a lot.
Skills got plenty from practice in the parking lot
Train in this art till my tongue and brain start to rot
Explain to the smart why I'm stuck in this nasty spot

Unmarried with no children
And I do what I want, and I smoke what I want
And I drink what I want, and I think what I want
And I sleep when I want, and I sleaze when I want, Spend what I want
Bet what I want, get what I want, watch sports when I want
Xbox when I want
No picnics for Vertakill,
All this and more because Vert is still

Unmarried with no children
No wife I'm allergic to nagging
Wearing rags and I aint sharing this bag with
No one except hojo and Skitzalecta
Roach finger mixed the beats and Chromek spins the records
I don't scratch or chop, WHY NOT?
Coz I spit through the popper stopper and make this mic hot
That's my one true love, if I did tie the knot
I'd go overseas to look
Coz most aussie girls don't know how to cook
Or how to stay quiet while I'm reading comic books
I can cook my own shitty meals
Good looks fade one day you'll lose all that sex appeal
And talking bout shallow shit will lose its novelty
Why split money when I'm already doomed to live in poverty
I write every night right, this is my life
Rhyme nice then retire with my Thai wife


No disrespect to those with domestic fulfillment
But fuck that and fuck you
I can barely take care of myself
A child would cramp my style while I'm ruining my health
My mates say I don't know what it's like
I'm respectful destroy one life at a time
Commitments a sentence married life's a crime
I'd rather walk around with a knife in my spine
The same girl that'll make your head twirl
Is the same girl, that'll shit on your world
The same women who wanna date ya
It's the same similar women that's saying see ya later



from Brain Surgery, released October 27, 2014




Vertakill Adelaide, Australia

South Australian MC/Rapper/Pimp with no hoes. Been rhyming and recording since 2000. Likes making hiphop that no one likes or wants to listen too. Hates when money gets involved with music because it destroys the art...that and he doesn't have any money, even though he desperately needs some and is willing to destroy all art to get it(famous paintings included). Winner of the kumite tournament. ... more

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