Pile Of Bones

from by Vertakill

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Trying to figure out what life's about before it's lights out
Feels like I've fucked up half of my life now
I've dug a grave and I can't get from out this hole
Spent most my best years with the drugs and alcohol
And you can't go back and change it
Even if i could I'd end up doing the same shit
There's not a lot of point in complaining
Mental anguish building up hard to contain it
hard to explain it, tough to express the
Moment of weakness you feel under pressure
Modern mans quest take one guess
Want to undress that girl wearing a sun dress
And stress from sunrise to sunset
Mediocre lives try to disguise the unrest
And upset coz success is measured by finances
Better refill with wine glasses
And try harder,
To impress those bimbos with the big breasts and the fine asses
But why bother
You'll see their crazy minds are a waste of time as soon as time passes


I was stuck with a headache, trying get my head straight
Then it hits me, maybe I should quit weed
Still stuck with a stoner mind state like pffft I'll do it next week
Need to switch up my technique
Stop being so messy and start drinking less beer
How did I get here
Need to fix my life up nah I'll do it next year
I fear in this rat race I must be last
I'm that lost soul that strayed from the dusty path
My memory is bad I can't trust the past
My enemies are mad I can't help but laugh
Coz they wanna bring war to a man of peace
Force me to transform into a phantom beast
I stay calm and cool I'm not a fan of heat
In the rain my brain remains on a sandy beach

At the end of the road is the egge of a cliff
At the bottom of the cliff is a pile of bones
You find your own space and ya die alone
Replaced by an even more compliant clone

Instead of meeting defeat I sneak pass discreet
Glide through the work week while I'm half asleep
You know that ya flows aint half as deep
You speak from ya heart but ya heart is weak
Talk is cheap, but mine when it's bought is steep
Where you half step I take enormous leaps
So, watch ya back and walk cautiously
Coz I might knock you off ya track course or street
To scorch a beat like this you need the force and chi
Paranoid think my own shadows stalking me
Skitzo engineered this score with ease
I get info like a ninja clan reports to me
RKV(Roach King Vert) in the place to be
With my own style like Bruce Lee and JKD(Jeet Kune Do)
Just do what ya feel its okay with me
House is packed out like cocaine is free



from Brain Surgery, released October 27, 2014




Vertakill Adelaide, Australia

South Australian MC/Rapper/Pimp with no hoes. Been rhyming and recording since 2000. Likes making hiphop that no one likes or wants to listen too. Hates when money gets involved with music because it destroys the art...that and he doesn't have any money, even though he desperately needs some and is willing to destroy all art to get it(famous paintings included). Winner of the kumite tournament. ... more

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